Womens Sovereignty

June 24, 2022 will stand in infamy as the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the landmark case known as Roe v. Wade which gave women sovereignty over their own bodies with regard to abortion. That sovereignty is now being given back to the States and women will have no say as to what happens to them.

This turning back of the clock is not just in America. Women all over the world are nothing more than a commodity and we are still being raped and plundered; our right to do with our bodies as we choose once again on the chopping block.

As women from around the world and from a variety of situations weigh in on this new attack, Women's Sovereignty and Body Autonomy Beyond Roe v. Wade addresses the concerns and opinions of women from around the planet. Through art and poetry, prose and personal accounts, this shared atrocity that continues to be forced on women is brought into a new light with a rebel resolve that screams "NO MORE"!

"Wildly inspiring, this is a book of rebellion - an invocation of the fierce feminine that empowers us to rise up, to embody our sacred rage and reclaim our sovereignty."
-Dr Emer Sheahan, Psychologist & Somatic Psychotherapist

Cover Art by Ravynne M Phelan 


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