On the Wings of Isis


For centuries, women have lived, fought and died for their equality, independence and sovereignty. Originally known as Auset, the Egyptian Goddess Isis reveals such a path.

On The Wings of Isis demonstrates how to soar toward autonomy. Unfurl your wings and join an array of strong women who have embodied the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names to celebrate their authentic selves.

Praise for On the Wings of Isis

"Inhale the mighty nectar of Isis in this empowering book, and utilize it to fuel your sovereign Queendom life and being!" -SARK, Author/Artist of Succulent Wild Woman

“This is storytelling at its richest and most compelling. Collections like this one stand the test of time, persistently giving lie to pervasive anti-feminist mythologizing.
-Soraya Chemaly, Author of Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger

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